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Illinois State Capitol


Titled: Justice Cannot Be Bought- What? This is Illinois!

Lincoln's Home

All furnishings are ORIGINAL!

Where he received the word that he was nominated to run for...

Lincoln's actual writing desk

Four block preserved area

Original Capitol Building

Lincoln's Law Office



As I approached the Illinois State Capitol, one hour and fifteen minutes after leaving Troy, I was blown away by its beauty. Tom and I had visited quite a few state capitols in our travels but this one tops them all ( so far). Built in 1876 it is the largest dome capitol in the United States - even taller than the Capitol in D.C. It's a huge, glitzy building where every doorknob is imprinted with the state seal! The Senate and House Chambers are gorgeous . The Austrian chandeliers in those rooms were donated - this is Illinois - am I being too cynical when I wonder donated for what favor? The Reps and Sens were in session today and there was so much noise from visiting school children and background chatter from the legislators themselves. A bill was presented - medical care for Illinois Vets - one person asked what would it cost. The sponsor of the bill said that hadn't been determined yet but he was sure there would be some sort of grant available. W H A T ????? It boggled my mind. Three years ago the building went through renovation - basically getting rid of years of cigar and cigarette smoke on the stained glass and paintings. The building sparkles now and it is beautiful.

Next I visited Lincoln's Home - a National Historic Site. Lincoln lived here for 17 years - until 1861 when he was elected our 16th President. After his assassination, Mary Lincoln said she could never return to the house as a widow. The family owned the house until 1887 when Robert Todd Lincoln, the eldest and only surviving son, gave the property to the state of Illinois on the condition that it be well maintained and free to the public - which it is- however you do pay to park your car! Most of the furnishings are ORIGINAL. Simply amazing. The wooden banister is original and I couldn't believe I was holding on to the very handrail that Abe himself had used.

Didn't have time to do the Presidential Museum - have to save that for another trip.

The wind was really gusting today and the forecast was for storms and possible hail. I checked into the Fairfield Inn in town, grabbed a cart, brought all my luggage to my room and got myself organized. My car looked like some hippie from the sixties was living "on the road". Maps, books, wrappers, water bottles, 3 or 4 different hotel laundry bags - you get the picture. I am happy to report that when I pull into Chicago tomorrow my son will see his mother drive up in a clean respectable vehicle.

It's been a terrific adventure - I felt Tom with me all the way- I could here him say "slow down" whenever the speedometer hit 80. I put on the cruise control and here I am safe and sound. Have I mentioned lately how very much I miss him?

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