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from the cemetery

stone walls

St Andrews Church Kildwick

Church 2

Grave stone


Holes in wall

Flood level indicator

We're on our way again - left Skipton this morning after topping up with water, and have tied up at St. Andrew's Church, Kildwick.

The Church was founded in AD 950 and the building dates from the 14th century.

Therre are 2 parts to the cemetery, the older part is around the church itself and the newer part is across the canal and up above where we are moored.

On our walk around the village Tony spotted these holes built into the stone wall and as I was taking the photo a fella walked past and told us the story about them.

Apparently on Boxing Day 2015 the river flooded and the wall was pushed over so they've re built it with these holes to try to prevent it happening agin. The bridge was closed as they thought it may collapse and the houses were flooded - never before has that happened.

And this is the flood level indicator in the river.

The only problem being moored here is that the church bells chime every quarter hour and dong on the hour!!!! but we've been assured they cease around 11pm.

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