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Saranac Depot and train.

City park with a carosel insde the building.

We had to stop.

Satisfied customer.

We did not have anything planned for the day, so we slept in. At 10.30 decided to drive to Saranac and take our dirty laundry with us. We took the back roads to avoid Lake Placid traffic. It turned out to be a nice drive along the Saranac River.

The first commercial building we see in town is the laundromat, so we stopped and got it done. It was next door to the scenic train that traveled between Lake Placid and Saranac. We watched it load up and leave while we were waiting. After that chore was done we drove through downtown. Lots of shops similar to what we went through in Lake Placid, so we cruised thru.

Also, found an interesting place to have lunch on the way back called the 'Tail of the Pup'. BBQ and Beer served at picnic tables under a tarp. It does not get any better than that. It was very good food and service.

The campground is full of Triathlon competitors. The roads are covered with bicyclist in spandex. There are many fit bodies and their spandex outfits. We wish them luck and a safe race.

Tomorrow.....Up the road to the Lake Champlain area.

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