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A morning stroll thru Amsterdam

Canal boat living

walking thru town

Amsterdam's finest

After a long flight across the Atlantic, with a few hour lay over in London, we finally made it to Amsterdam, Holland. This is a great city. It is full of travellers from all over the world, so it has a great mix of people, cultures, and food. Amsterdam has always attracted Europe's most eccentric personalities and has an interesting history. We were able to visit some great art museums as well as the Anne Frank House. It was crazy to think that we were actually walking thru the bookshelf and up the staircase that she was in. It was really a wonderful and touching experience.

We really loved this city. It's so lively! We walked for hours just strolling the streets. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful! It's been the in the mid 80's since we got here. Time seemed to stand still here. It's a little hard to get tired when the sun is still out at 10pm. The streets didnt't even come alive until the evening!

Of course we had to go stroll around the red light district. That was quite interesting. I've never seen so many office building windows filled with women renting out their services...I guess that's Amsterdam for you!

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