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Lucerne, a beautiful, typical Swiss town (Basel was not typical)

This is the view just down the street from our hotel

This "Chapel Bridge" links two rivers as they flow out of Lake...

Chapel Bridge leads from one side of the river to the chapel...

The water tower in the middle of the Chapel Bridge

There are paintings like this all along the inside of the Chapel...

Chapel Bridge

City Hall

Clock Tower; it is 500 years old and still works; must be...

A restaurant, beautifully painted

Colorful buildings


Beautiful altar inside the church

Ceiling in the church


Organ; someone was practicing so we listened again to a beautiful organ

15th-century building (doesn't look that old!!); used for a school; now a...

Pastry shop

Old paintings on old buildings

Building art

Memorial to the men who went to war

Unique window

Building art

Close up of the clock tower


Walking through the streets of Lucerne; this is watch street where you...

This is where Doug bought his Rolex watch 30 years ago

And, he remembers eating in this restaurant

A new shop

A friendly Swiss man inviting us into his restaurant

"The Dying Lion" (the Lion Monument)

The Lion

OPPS! What's this? The tour is named the Romance of the Rhein!

Bev and Doug in front of the Lion Monument

Another friendly Swiss

Lake Lucerne

The Alps in the background

The view of the water tower as we're walking back to our...

Now it looks like we are in Switzerland!! Basel wasn't very pretty; but it's an industrial town on the Rhein River and it was a convenient spot for our boat to let us off; pick up new travelers and sail back the way it came.

We got on the bus and drove through the countryside to Lucerne. Beautiful countryside!! Lucerne is in central Switzerland; in the German-speaking part of the country.

Switzerland is land-locked but has many, many lakes and rivers that connect it to other parts of Europe. It is not part of the European Union because it has always been an independent country and wants to remain that way. It does, however, have lots of treaties and trade agreements with other countries in Europe.

The Chapel Bridge that we took many pictures of, was built in the 14th-century and is the oldest covered bridge in Europe. It is built of wood so of course has burned down in the past, but not until 1993. It was allegedly caused by a discarded cigarette. The Swiss people still smoke more than any country we've been in so far. Part way across, the bridge runs by the octagonal Water Tower, a fortification from the 13th-century. Inside the bridge are a series of paintings from the 17th-century depicting events from Lucerne's history. The Bridge with its Tower is the city's most famous landmark.

Lucerne's sister-city in the USA is Chicago.

Everything is very expensive here; but they also earn more than the average person in other European countries.

Switzerland used to have very tight banking laws that allowed people to hide their money in the Swiss Banks. This practice has ended and is no longer allowed.

You will see picture's of the Lion Monument. It is a famous carving that commemorates the hundreds of Swiss Guards of who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution when an armed mob stormed the Tuileries Palace in Paris. Today, you only find Swiss Guards guarding the Vatican.

The sun came out today for a minute and the weatherman predicts nice sunny weather for the rest of the week. We can only hope!!

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