Ed & Marion -Yuma bound 2018-19 travel blog

Open area in middle is for dancing surrounded by the lawn chair...

Interesting highway sign

Band starts playing at 3pm, the open areas will be filled with...

5:30 pm brings long shadows and lots of dancing

5:50 sunset and a hour to go for any howling.Temp dropping quickly

Moments away the moon appearing.

Marion heard about this event in the pool the other day, came home and told me and I laughed and laughed at the thought of all these people out there in the desert howling. So I said "we gotta go" that sounds crazy.

Their facebook page says...


Every full moon from October to April we have a Howling at the moon out in the desert. We provide music. You bring your friends, drinks, food, chairs and have fun dancing in the desert until the moon comes over the mountains. Everyone stops dancing looks toward the moon and howls. Music plays for about an hour after the moon rises. Everyone packs up their stuff and goes home. It is like a desert tailgate party. You need to come early. Once you've been out there you'll see why.


It was fun but would have been more fun had we gone with another couple or group. I highly recommend this to anyone frequenting the Yuma area if the sky is clear. There was food, something we had not expected. To be clear here Marion neither hums or howls she is only a viewer and after several attempts and proding her I only received growls!! It was fun to howl, perhaps it will become a monthly event for me LOL.

It was very organized and family oriented and even the pets got into the howling at the end.

My camera is useless for taking any pictures unless it is in direct light so any pictures of the moon coming up are borrowed from Bing images. I am currently trying to convert any videos to another format so I can share them either here or on Facebook.

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