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For Athena

From our balcony

Recommended by a local

We have felt welcome just about everywhere in Greece. Hosts are glad we came. Locals are polite and friendly, even in the huge city of Athens.

On the crowded subway into Athens from the airport, a solo Japanese gentleman was uncertain about the proper connection for his hotel. A group of locals formed a small help committee, discussing options on the route map, and concluding with a consensus to be carried out by a volunteer who was going the same way and promised to see the gentleman to his hotel.

While I have struggled to learn to say hello and thank you in Greek, we are hearing English in surprising places, including tiny rural cafes.

We are also feeling warm. We had expected Athens to be windy, cold, and polluted. Instead, the weather has improved by the day. We've had blue sky, warm sun, and clean air. We know it won't last. Rain is forecast in the next several days, so we appreciate the sun while it's out.

We started the driving phase of the Greek visit. Jan and Mo are the legal drivers. I am navigator. The drive from Athens to Delphi was quick and painless. Except for fuel prices: it cost €70 to buy 3/4 of a tank of petrol.

My only complaint is that I am eating too much. How typically American.

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