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Fire (not much aiming)

Outside the Grand Ole Opry

Barge moving down the Cumberland River in Nashville

Rio the cat had 11 nights in Stanton, KY so I guess he thought we had actually moved to KY and his travelling days were done. Not so…but there was a lot of caterwauling as I manhandled him to the truck. It continued for some time and Tom thinks if you yell a cat to stop (anything) the cat will stop. The drive to Nashville was easy and pretty as we drove through Bluegrass Country and then on to Music City. Oh – Rio final stopped but it had nothing to do with being told to stop – he fell dead asleep.

We have stayed in Nashville a couple of times – once when the boys were about 6 and 12 (that is known as THE TRIP in our family). In 2014 we stayed one night when we visited our lovely niece
A cold front moved in and the nighttime temps were in the mid-30s while the daytime will be around 50 degrees. This is not a deterrent. We lie military history “stuff” so we drove down to Stones River National Battlefield, part of the National Park system, and were surprised to see that a reenactment of the battle was going on. Fun, Fun, Fun. We took part of a driving tour and walked a couple of the battle sights. The battle was the last day of December 1862 and the first day of 1863. We stood there in the cold and could only imagine the pain and fear of those soldiers freezing and waiting to die in battle. Back in the mid-1990s, when Timothy was young, he was able to take part in a similar reenactment at Fort Garfield, NM, Kit Carson’s NM headquarters. We haven’t seen Timothy since May – we miss him.

Once we decided to go to Nashville we decided to try and see a show at the Grand Ole Opry. We got tickets for Saturday night. Tom is a Rock and Roll fan and I am a classical music type but we enjoy country so a new adventure was very appealing. The show was an 80th birthday “celebration” of Whispering Bill Anderson and it was WONDERFUL. We totally enjoyed the humor and the music was “sing along” (I did not unless the audience was asked to sing along). Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder played some Bluegrass and there were a couple of new artists who sang songs they co-wrote with Bill Anderson. I am not going to go on any longer but we are enriched for the experience.

Since our park is near downtown we took in some sights downtown and down along the Cumberland River. I love visiting river and ocean towns. The weather..42 degrees.. the high!!. We did set off to walk along the river but it was so cold we could only walk a little bit of the pedestrian bridge by the Titan football stadium (Nissan Stadium). We got to see a barge being pushed down the river and Tom was able to get a great photo with old and new Nashville in the background.

We are off to West Memphis, Arkansas.

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