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Rain and Flooded Fields

Missouri River Ahead

Missouri River

Missouri River

Kansas Sunflower

Campground Entrance

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Mill Creek

Mill Creek

After a good night’s rest, we are ready to travel again. We are putting together many more travel days without stopping. The days are not long so we are not tiring ourselves out. The weather is not good, so we might as well keep moving.

We head an hour south. We have a moment’s excitement. The check engine light flashes. We are on the Interstate. We are going seventy miles an hour. We are on cruise control. We are climbing. Basically, the RV said “Cut it out!”

After brunch in St. Joseph, we go to an Auto Zone. There are no codes thrown and the RV is running great. Also, we are getting good gas mileage and the gas prices are staying low. All is good.

We cross the Missouri River and are in Kansas. We take a state road from Atchison to Topeka but not to Santa Fe. This is a new road for us.

We circle around Topeka and take a chance on a Good Sam RV Park in Paxico. We love it immediately. There are many antiques by the office.

Our host tells us that the creek flooded the campground last night. I walk to the creek and find it hard to believe. All I can say is that there has been a lot of rain out here!

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