Larry & Cheryl's 2016 Travels travel blog

Redding to Myrtle Creek, OR

Lake Shasta

Another view of Lake Shasta

Overview of Lake Shasta

Traveling through Shasta Nat'l Forest

So many tall pines

Colorful bushes along the highway

Stunning Mt. Shasta

Logging industry area

Coast Range, across from Shasta

Northbound Interstate 5

North side of Mt. Shasta

This is Northern California

Moo Donna and calf Moona Lisa, Yreka, CA

Close up of Moo Donna

Here is Penelope the dragon, Yreka, CA

Close up of Penelope

Crossing Klamath River

God Bless the USA

Oregon farmland

A singular huge Butte on the horizona

Canyon Pass south of Myrtle Creek

Yep, we're in Oregon

Traveled to Myrtle Creek, Oregon to stay at Tri City RV where we’ve stayed before.

We had stunning views of Mt Shasta close up from the south, west and north sides. We passed many sections of Lake Shasta because of it’s unusual shape. I had to snap a picture of an overview of the lake on Google maps on my phone to see what it looked like.

As we passed by Yreka, we saw the metal statues of Moo Donna, now with calf Moona Lisa, and Penelope the dragon.. These statues were created by Yreka artist Ralph Starritt. We have seen them on previous trips, but the calf, Moona Lisa, is a new addition.

There is so much green scenery in Oregon because they get lots of rain or at least lots of drizzle. The pine trees are tall and there were brilliant yellow bushes along the highway. We arrived in Myrtle Creek about 1 p.m. and went to lunch at Little Suzie's just down the road. "Little" is right, but the food was good and the staff was friendly.

Back at camp, I caught up on some laundry, and then we went to Myrtle Creek Elks for a visit. And again very friendly Elk members were there to welcome us and ask us lots of question about full time Rv-ing.

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