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Hole Thru Tree

Tree Stand

Waitas Woods

New Trail

New Woodpecker Holes

The Homestead

Candy was up early because the lady at check in said to arrive at the bulk store early to beat the crowd. Away Candy went at 7:30 am to beat the crowd, the crowd was 2 people so she got service very fast this morning. She returned and we waited until 9:00 am when the furniture store would open so we could look for a new sofa and chair for the motorhome.

We arrived at the Master Craft store so we could beat the crowd, we were the crowd. Looked at several sofas and chairs. I found the chair I thought was very comfortable and we decided that would be the one to replace the lazy boy in the motorhome. Candy looked at several sofas’, some jack bed type, hide a bed type, and some new style that have an air mattress for the bed instead of a standard mattress. Candy chose the style with the air mattress which would fit in the same area the old sofa is now. The problem now is to get the old furniture out, so when we are home, Roger and I will remove the old furniture, on our way back to Memphis we will stop to get the new put in. They said it would only take about 20 minutes.

We drove to Bud and Jo’s next and on the way 2 deer crossed in front of us on M-40, this was the first large animals we had seen on the entire trip.

We arrived at 1:00 pm to get our same camp spot next to the big red barn as you see in the picture, I have a lifetime lease on this spot. It was so nice to see them today because it has been quite a few months since we have been here, last fall. Jo look so good and Bud is getting better from his shortness of breath, they both have doctor appointments tomorrow to find out on some test that were taken earlier. Bud was doing real well today for an old fart.

There was some concern about Goofy missing, they had not seen him all winter and were afraid that some wild animal had gotten him. Candy and Bud were riding around on the Gator and finally found him next door, as you see by the picture. He looks pretty good for and old cock. As we are drive around the Waitas Woods to see the destruction that the woodpeckers had done to some of the trees. The one picture shows the woodpeckers had bored completely thru a tree, this is just amazing.

The pictures are of the Waitas Woods, woodpecker destruction, the Homestead with my private parking spot next to the barn and of course Goofy the Rooster.

I was looking at our travels and counted the days, of the last 55 days we have only been home for 12 days, and it is not over yet.

It was getting late and time for the ladies to watch the Dancing with the Stars so until tomorrow.

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