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Today we were up early and left harlem to pick up our car at La Guardia airport. I was glad Brett was driving, I couldn't have done it. Despite having a navigator we took a wrong turn and ended up driving through manhattan which was the one thing Brett didn't want to do. We had an etoll pass from the car company which didn't work so we ended up holding up a whole lane of traffic while the police man tried to get it to work for us, it wasn't pretty, cars beeping, people yelling, but the nice police man helped us out!

We had decided to go to philadelphia, the birthplace of America. I took us around 2 hours to get there. I really wanted to visit Philly, no real reason, mainly because I liked the name! We had planned to do lunch, see how we felt and drive on if we didn't get the vibe...we stayed 2 days, we loved it. We had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe as Molly really wanted to eat there. I went to the Marriott to see about accommodation, it was completely booked. The staff there gave me a sheet of hotels in the city, availability and prices. There was not much left, I asked if there was something on for it to be so busy, they said "yeah, Philadelphia". apparently it is always this busy.

A man told me to try the Alexander inn, he said I would love it being an Aussie. So I rang it and they had a room that slept 4 and we took it. It was a gorgeous 100 year old building with every room being different, it was 3 streets back from the Main Street (5min walk) and 1 street from antique row (shops, antiques). The streets reminded us of Greenwich village, leafy trees, cafes, beautiful buildings.

We started that afternoon on Antique row and I bought several jewellery pieces from local and NY jewellers. It was great picking through the stores and the people were really friendly.

It was easy to walk everywhere in Philadelphia. We enjoyed wandering the streets, the sides of the buildings were covered in murals, it was a pretty place and very historical.

We went for dinner in old city and walked through George Washington park and saw the iconic liberty bell. All the parks and buildings were beautifully kept.

We had tapas at Cuba Libre, meatballs, pork belly, anchovy on pita, cheese and spinach balls and several mojitos, the food was amazing. The kids finished the night off with Nutella flavoured yoghurt. We walked back to the hotel, the city was lovely at night. Lots of lights, friendly people and things to see.

We put the kids to bed and headed across the road to a bar and tried some napa valley red wine, it was amazing so we had a couple!

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