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Our tour of the USS Midway was surprisingly educational. Probably the best part was the free audio tour. This recording was an excellent way to learn about life on an aircraft carrier. It included information concerning the different areas of the ship as well as interviews with sailors and aviators who had served on the Midway.

We are no strangers to aircraft carriers. We have toured the USS Lexington twice...once in Pensacola and once in Corpus Christi. Stan also spent a week on the Abraham Lincoln on what is known as a Tiger Cruise when our son was in the Navy. But this was logically organized and well presented.

However the best part was the bridge tour. This was a guided tour led by volunteers. The main tour guide had spent 8 yrs on the USS Franklin Roosevelt which is an exact replica of the Midway. This guide was personable and knowledgable. The only bad part of this tour was the several sets of Navy stairs. These are skinny risers that are very steep. We were warned of this before starting the tour and could have opted out. I'm glad we didn't . He told us how it felt as a pilot to be catapulted off the ship and how terrifying it was to land in the dark. We saw where the flight boss sits and controls the comings and goings of the planes. He talked about the captain many times working 16 - 20 hour days and showed us where his small cabin off the bridge was located so he could catch a few zzzs.

This was a great day.

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