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Iconic Brussels statue

Brussels street parade

Abbey beer

F16 in the streets of Brussels

WW2 past in Brussels

Brussels central plaza

We drove through Luxemburg which is a very small country and unfortunately we did not stop. We tried to go to Luxemburg City but the traffic was very heavy and we could not find any parking. From there we headed on to Belgium. In the southern part of Belgium, people speak French and in the northern part they speak Dutch. In the capital city, Brussels, both French and Dutch are the official languages and all signs are in both languages. We spent a few days in Brussels and really enjoyed it. We happened to be there the weekend of the coronation of their new King. King Albert (dad) had been king for twenty years and was stepping down so that Prince Phillipe (his son) could take over. We did get a glance of both of them as they got out of their vehicles to attend the theatre. Brussels was crazy the weekend of the coronation. There was a celebration of parades, street events, outdoor music and fireworks. Lots of people everywhere on the street just enjoying the celebration. The people in Belgium seem to really like their king. While there was a lot of security, we were amazed at how close you could get to the kings and to the palace.

Belgium is famous for three things: beer, chocolate and French fries. Being good tourists, we dutifully sampled all three. The brewing of beer by the monks started back during the plague because it was safer to drink beer than the water. We went to a bar that advertised 2500 local brews. No, we did not sample all 2500.

Brussels is also known for its beautiful market plaza. It is one of the largest in Europe and is surrounded by beautiful buildings.

Our last couple of days in Belgium were spent on the beaches of the English Channel. Very, very busy area that made the beaches of southern California look tame. From the Belgium coast we crossed over into France to get the ferry from Calais, France to Dover, England.

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