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She left her bikini back at the trailer

A Mom and her baby

A whole mess of Manatees inside the sanctuary

A smile for the camera

Another Mom and child

Swim like this sweetie

Now breath child!


Getting close

Hi Don. Want me to smile?

Wow what a day. We did in fact wimp out on getting in the water with the Manatees and if you note Linda's attire, you will understand. We awoke to 36 degrees and 72 degree water still has to be gotten out of. Old people don't like to be cold. Never the less, we put on our long under garments and got on the boat. We were truly amazed at how graceful these large mammals are. They move through the water with no apparent effort and create hardly a ripple. Also amazing was the closeness of mother and child. The little ones stayed very close to Mom and you could observe the effect of Mom's teaching. If you look closely you will note in one picture that Mom and baby surface and breath in unison.

While on this tour, we had the chance to see how the "have a whole lot mores" live. The houses were simply huge and overstated. They would all be out of place in Hebron town.

We then visited Homosassa State Park and saw some more of God's handiwork, but after the Manatees, we didn't focus much.

Tomorrow is another travel day. We're going to Tallahassee for a couple of days. Linda is in the midst of trying to find available camp sites on the gulf when all the old folks from up north are taking up space.

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