RV Trip to places we missed and some we have already seen travel blog

the auto tour sent us down to the Rappahannock River for stop...


up to Chatham across the river from the town of Fredericksburg


so, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln all slept here, not together...


yep, GW slept in this part of the house



the entrance to Chatham, Joe and I took turns doing a inside...

looking across to Fredericksburg

front of the house

example of the pontoon used to cross the river by the Union...

actual location where the Union soldiers crossed the river into Fredericksburg



battlefield site

when I read this, I could only imagine all the dead horses...


okay so Sham is enjoying the battlefields too

Battle of Chancellorsville, (2 out of 4) April 27 - May 6,...

Chancellorsville Battlefield visitor center, 30 feet to the left of the building...

Medal of Honor was started during the Civil War

driving through the battlefield

Now touring Battle of the Wilderness May 5-6, 1864 (3 out of...


okay, so I think Sham is cute


Battle of Spotsylvania Court House May 8-21, 1864 (4 out of 4)


The Bloody Angle Walking Tour

another truly bloody battle, walking the field was a special experience

dead men piled 4 - 5 deep







site of a house right in the middle of the battlefield

Spotsylvania Court House


Confederate Cemetary


I have known for several years now that I have (at least) four relatives that fought in the Civil War. The Confederate side. My relatives from my father's side of the family are from Tennessee. Two relatives died in the Civil War, one died at Perryville, Kentucky which we intend to stop at and visit. Seeing these battlefields are quite an experience. I would have loved to stay here for another 2-3 days. Unfortunately we lost a day of battlefield visiting due to the day of bad weather at Harper's Ferry. Fredericksburg's battlefields are huge. Plus George Washington was born near the Chatham location and we have missed that as well as several other historical sites we wanted to visit. Tomorrow we move to Virginia Beach to visit my cousin until Monday when we move to Bedford, Virginia to visit Joe's aunt and uncle.

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