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Rice Field


Cajun Pawn Stars

Pawn Shop

Sign at Pawn Shop


Candy and Bridge



Barge loading

The day was just beautiful for the drive from the KOA in Scott to Natchez Louisiana, with a stop in Alexandria. Everyone should know what is in Alexandria.

Along the drive I got a picture of a rice paddy that is flooded with crawfish traps.

In Louisiana because of being at sea level in most of the lower state, the cemeteries are not able to bury people in the ground. The vaults in this picture are about 1/2 out of the ground. In New Orleans the entire vault is above ground, it is different for us yankees to see this.

Our stop in Alexandria was to see the Cajun Pawn Stars store on TV. We got here and only could take pictures outside, no pictures in the shop.

We did meet John the young brother that is in the business.

The entire family was there other then Jim, the star of the show. He was off site showing a segment at someones home looking to sell items. Did get a hat with everyone autographing the hat, other then Jim. It was interesting because Candy had never been in a pawn shop, another first for her. We continued on to Natchez to get set up for the night before we get on the Natchez Trace on Wednesday.

The campground is located right on the banks of the Mississippi River, with a view that is grand. We got set up and needed to make a run to Walmart, wouldn't you know. The lady in the office told us about a local restaurant that all the locals used. Nikki's was the place which we found just down the street from Walmart. First food that I felt could eat that wasn't so damn spiced up since we left home, it was very good. We got back to the campground for the evening, so we went for a walk in the seaway next to the river.

Did get some great pictures of Candy and the

bridge between Natchez Louisiana and Natchez Mississippi.

Also a great shot of a barge being pushed up river.

Also in front of the campground there is a barge loading dock. The weather has gotten very interesting tonight with us at the south end of the storm from Texas. Just wind, lighting, and some rain, other then that all is fine. Be home in a few days, darn.

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