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We left Southampton on Sunday and headed back to Northampton. This time to house and dog sit for our friend Lynne. We had a few hours at Martin's collecting the post and saying hello to Hazel and Didi who were up for the weekend.

Tony started his Driver training for the HGV E licence. He already has the HGV C licence but needed the E in order for us to tow the car. The first day did't go to well but the second day was better.

We had received the clearance form needed to register the coach and now only had to sort out the insurance. This is when the fun started. We had already identified possible insurers. The insurer we had the car with was willing to cover the value, issue a temporary certificate of insurance cover note based on the VIN(chassis)number in order to get the coach registered with the DVLA(Drivers Vehicle Licencing Authority) but would only insure if the coach was predominately in the UK.That was fine for the first year but not after. Also needed to have a secure compound where the coach would be stored when not in use overnight.

We then tried an other insurer. They were willing to insure the value now.They had said a year ago they would but six months ago they said they wouldn't now they said they would! They could offer a full-timer insurance(of course for a price!), would allow travel in Europe providing you did not spend more than six months in any one country.But would not issue a temporary cover note based on the VIN- They used to until a few months ago!!!!

Just after Derek from the RV dealer who is doing the conversion came on with a few questions. After answering his queries we told him about our problems with the insurance companies He said he knew the owner of the second company and said he would talk to them on our behalf to try and sort the cover note on the VIN out. As he said there was really no risk to them as the coach was not going to driven on the road until it had its registration and if it was it would be driven under their trade plates and insurance. Watch this space.

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