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Well today is the main day of the festival, today is parade day.

Was a bit of a late start once again, I think it was about 12-1 when we actually left the flat. Went to the supermarket and Jens card isnt working, keeps saying wrong pin. Went back and looked it up the transactions on the computer and Jen called her bank who told her there was nothing wrong with her card. The girl on the phone did inform us that the card had been used at 7am that morning but it clearly wasnt us- we were asleep till 10! Weve had to cancel her card and transfer our money into another account but bank transfers can take upto 2 business days..... Have gone to use my card but these atms dont alow you to select which account the money comes out of. Ahh, the joys of traveling!

Jens dad was excited to show us a new cafe in town so we went there. The buggers wouldnt make me an iced coffee and looked at me like i was a weirdo when I asked. After a cappachino we wandered around for a bit and got ourselves a spot for the parade, right near the front to get some good photos......untill some swedish knob came and stood infront of me! Some pics have a part of an ear or a nose or both but did my best anyway...

After the parade we wandered back to the unit for a late lunch (4pm) and waited for Tommy and Nina to come and join us. Once they arrived we went back into town again and did a bit of pub hopping. I even got a call from Andreas (from dinner Thursday night) and he came and joined up with us also. Not sure if he was pulling my leg but he was telling me about the football firm he is part of and that there was going to be some "problems" as another teams firm was in town. who knows but Jen wouldnt let me leave her site.

Had a great time out with Nina and Tommy and probably consumed one two many beers but its all good. Grabbed a yiros (kabab) pizza on the way home and some how managed to end up wearing most of the sauce on my shirt. We got in at around 2 (i think) and Jens Dad and Karin were still sitting up watching tv. I wasnt too fussed and went to sleep on the air bed in the same room anyway but jen did the polite thing and sat up with them.

Another day done!

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