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Elk at our campground


Calgary Olympic Park

Bikes going up the ski lift

The ride downhill on the bike

Calgary Olympic park

Calgary tower. We are having lunch up there.

Downtown Calgary

View of the Calgary stampede grounds.

More city

More downtown.

Constructing a 60 story building.

Not the Grand Canyon, but 59 stories up from Calgary Tower observation...

Calgary traffic. We haven't been in rush hour since retiring!

We drove to Calgary.

First stop was at Calgary Olympic Park. Hard to picture the Winter Olympics without the snow. The main attraction is the bicycle track. You put your bike on the ski lift and then ride the zig zag trail down the mountain. It was a hot item for teen boys. Mothers were dropping them off for the day. It was raining and the mud didn't matter to them.

We had lunch at the Calgary Tower revolving restuarant. You can see the views in the pictures.

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