My Latin American Experience 2011 travel blog

Okay..I do realise that I have just left out a whole month nearly, but I will catch up soon, I promise! I just got very lazy..sorry!

Well I have now left South America, and am now over halfway through the trip! So weird!

Costa Rica is very nice though. We arrived yesterday morning, after our second flight of the trip *first being from U.K*, into San Jose. The night before we arrived here, Francisco (Chilean friend) Had insisted on taking us to the airport for 5am, even though he had uni the next day! So his friend came over, and with a mix of pool, and films, we managed to stay up until 4, and then he drove us there..was very strange leaving! And really lovely of him, as it would of set us back about 50 pounds!

Really nice city too..everyone is very friendly and helpful, excluding those who shout at us and hassle us of course. We haven't done too much, we arrived at our hostel about 3ish, then wondered around the town for a bit, before returning for an early bed, to catch up on lost sleep!!

Then today, we met a lovely couple from Canada in our hostel, then left to get some essentials and see a bit of San Jose, book our bus ticket to the coast for tomorrow and then back to the hostel to eat and pack.

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