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The answer to the last clue was WALNUTS, ALMONDS & OLIVES. California is the only state in the U.S. that grows almonds for commercial purposes. It is also the biggest olive producer and one of the largest walnut producing states.

Today we left the beautiful wine country area called the Napa Valley. Most of the wine grapes grown in the U.S. are grown in this area. The valley has over 450 wineries and grows over 50 different kinds of grapes. A grower determines what kind to grow by the soil and climate. Some of the big vineyards grow several different kinds of grapes. One acre of vines produces 4 tons of grapes. They are picked by hand very early in the morning before the sun touches the grapes, starting in late August. Once picked they are crushed, then left to ferment then bottled and sold. Small vineyards either make small batches of wine they then market themselves while others sell their grapes to big vineyards. There was a lot of opportunity to taste the different kinds of wines but because harvest was just over, none of vineyards had time to show us the process.

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