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Welcome to Kenisee Lake TT Preserve.

RV sites back across a pond.

One of many turtles in the lake.

With a boat you can picnic on the island in the lake.

Drawbridge over the river in Ashtabula, OH starting to lift.

Drawbridge half lift.

Drawbridge full lift.

Geese under the lifted bridge.

Historic Ashtabula, OH on Lake Erie

A 4-way stoplight in old town Ashtabula.

Great BBQ in old town Ashtabula.

Inside the Briquettes was a meat market years ago. Great setting for...

Afternoon on Lake Erie outside Ashtabula.

Harbor coming into Ashtabula. An industrial bridge convaying what looked like coal...

One of several old reconditioned bridges near Mesopotamia, OH.

Automobiles are not allowed across, but horse and buggy are.

Beautiful country roades in the area.

We happened behind this Amish means of conveyance on our way to...

You can see that Mesopotamia has been here for some time.

This is the reason we came to Mosopotamia. A very interesting little...

No tires. But buggy wheels for sale. I doubt that the chain...

Parking across the street. No cars allowed. Watch your step!

Inside the store. Notice the Amish girl working. Store was run by...

My GPS routed me this direction to the camp. Fortunately we didn't...

Sept. 15, 2009 Kenisee Lakes Thousand Trails

Traveling can be really fun, but sometimes it gets to be a challenge too. While we were at the last two stops, including Kenisee Lakes TT. We have had awful internet and phone service. So getting out travel journals and making phone calls to family and friends has been very limited. I will attempt to remember as much as I can about our next two stops since it has been a while since we were there.

Kenisee Lakes TT was a very nice campground in Northern Ohio near Lake Erie. The preserve is was nestled in the rolling hill country a mixture of maple, oaks, and hickory trees just starting to show some fall color. We had a very nice campsite with an empty mowed opened field behind us. A quiet setting with mild days and evenings. The first four pictures are the only ones which I entered into the journal of the campground as they were uploaded while we were there. Thus the slow speed of uploading photos and the lack thereof. Still we did have a nice site and of course Rita is very fond of turtles and there were quite a few in the lake. I managed to sneak up on one sunning itself on a log and snapped a photo.

While there we did managed to go over to Lake Erie and visit a village named Ashtabula. A neat little old village where we got to see a drawbridge being lifted for local fishing and sailboats. There were quite a few private and charter boats tied up along the shores of the river where the drawbridge was located. We happened to visit on a weekday so the activity along the river and in the old town was minimal. Some of the old buildings along the old town area have been restored and painted as shown in the photos. Also we were fortunate enough to meet a local on the sidewalk who directed us to her favorite carry out. It happened to be a very good local BBQ joint in what use to be an old meat market. The building outside and in were vintage materials. A really cool place for a BBQ resturant. The BBQ was excellent too. Rita had pulled pork and I had brisket. They had multiple sauces that ranged from cajon to oriental and from mild to hot. We both enjoyed the taste and the environment. Too bad it isn’t in McMinnville. I could be a regular.

Our next outing was to the little village of Mesopotamia. We wanted to go to that village as it claimed one of the oldest general stores in Ohio. We decided to take the scenic tour while on the way via GPS short routes. We went through a couple of interesting back roads that did have some picturesque sites. We happened upon one of the many covered bridges in the area. Most of the bridges are quite old and many have been refurbished. The one we came to was one they had rebuilt. Even so, no automobile traffic was allowed to cross. Only horse driven vehicles and foot traffic. Of course there wasn’t any signs of automobiles crossing like you usually see on a bridge. Oil, grease, heavy mud, etc.. There were road apples and buggy tracks on that bridge. Yes we were in Amish country. While scooting down the highway we came up behind a slow moving vehicle sign on the back of an Amish buggy. Our first Amish sighting. We finally came to the Village of Mesopotamia which was first settled before the Revolutionary War. The old general store has of course seen many changes since it was first built. The inside of the store reminded Rita and of of the old mill store which was across the street from us in Eagle Point , OR. Lots of different items from horse feed to pancake mixes. The inside displayed lots of old stuff on the walls and ceiling throughout the store. Of course the store didn’t just cater to the local town residence. From the looks of what they sold it had a pretty good size Amish trade too. It was interesting to see the buggy wheels for sale outside. Most of the employees we met inside the store were Amish. They sold lots of bulk foods used to make meals from scratch. Out back was an original ice house. Most Amish don’t use electricity in any form as it would not be acceptable. So they pack perishables into ice or eat it fresh. Another uniquely Amish country need would be where to tie up the horses and buggies. Across the street from the store they there was just such a parking space. Buggies only, no cars. I believe that the Amish would be much better at avoiding the road apples than maybe the modern car owner would. They did do a service by putting the buggy parking across the street from the store. I could imagine the flies in the store during the summer if not.

On our way back to the our camp we decided to take a road back via a road that our GPS was guiding us that had a sign which read “Low Bridge Ahead”. I am very happy that we did not heed the GPS and take that road. We would have lost about 3 feet off the top of our coach had we followed the directions given by our Tom Tom.

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