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I really wanted to visit Portugal so decided to hop on a bus and take off to Lisbon. The hostel was really cool with a very friendly staff. Lisbon is a beautiful city. The streets are made out of little squares of black and white rock that make up all different types of designs. The only thing was they were very slippery so you would catch yourself from falling quite a bit. In my dorm room I met a Canadian girl named Leslie who lives in NY city and two other Canadian girls. We all got along great and hung out together while we were there.

One night we went out and visited this district with tons of bars. The streets were packed with people, it was a really cool atmosphere. We heard of a liquor that is made out of cherries so we all took a shot of it. It was yummy and made you all warm inside. It was one of the girls birthdays and she wanted to go dancing. We asked the bar tender where to go and he gave us directions. Off we went In a taxi. We show up and the place is dead. It was ladies night so the good thing was we got free drinks. Now the cocktails they make in Portugal are not your normal cocktails. If you order a Jack and Coke they give you a glass full of Jack with a splash of Coke. Wow strong stuff! Everyone started showing up at the club about 2am which is the time our bars and clubs close back home. We ended up leaving because they were playing really bad music that you couldn't even dance to. Besides that it was a fun night. The next time we went out we stuck to the place that was full of bars and tons of people.

Leslie and I went to a town outside Lisbon where there is one of the biggest Gothic Cathedrals. You had to pay to get in and it was MASSIVE! It really makes you see how powerful the Catholic religion was to build something of such a massive proportion for "God". They even had a display with body parts of different saints. I find it pretty creepy honestly. After the Cathedral we went to this cafe that is famous for these little cream filled pastries. They were soooooo good!!! I haven't been able to find them anywhere else and will have to live with an endless craving for them. Leslie and I were traveling in the same direction so we both went south to Lagos Portugal next.

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