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Jamie and a 3 month old cub

this one I'm taking home!











this one's kinda cheesy

another cheesy one


watch the arm kids!




steps going up to Wat Phra That Doi Sithep






6 A.M....Another early start with the intention of walking down the 9kms into town, then catch a bus to pie, then to Chiang Mai. After only about 7 minutes of wlking down the road we were able to hitch a ride on the back of a truck to the local bus stop in Soppong. Not much open that early and the next bus wasn't coming till 9am. Jamie and I opted for the street food for breakfast--fried chicken on a stick and sticky rice in a bag. MMMM! Since the bus wasn't gonna be here for a while, I decided to take my chances and ask around for a ride down to Pai. The first 2 tries I got turned down(well ok they couldn't speak english), and the 3rd were a group of young kids heading to Bangkok in a big white truck, and they said to hop in the back! So I ran across the street, told Jamie the good news and we grabbed our packs and hopped in the back of the white truck and held our position for a good 1.5 hrs of mountains, steep hills, curves, turns, and not to forget beautiful scenery. This is where my windbreaker came in handy! We got dropped off in Pai about 10 minutes before 9am and were lucky enough to get crammed in the back of a mini van for a 3hr ride down to Chiang Mai(yes much more turns, curves around mountains and hills). Upon arriving in Chiang Mai, we grabbed a taxi to the old town and found a room at the brand new JJ Guesthouse. We were both in dire need of clean clothes, so we dropped off our laundry and rented a motor bike to head up to the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Temple. Pretty crowded place with many locals and Buddhists. There are about 300 steps to walk up before you reach the temple. After the temple I got a much needed massage. Not very often will you hear me say that I enjoy being walked all over by a woman, but if she's Thai and she knows what she's doing, then Welcome!!

03 Jan

Last day in Chiang Mai..last day in Northern Thailand. I only had one more thing I wanted to do in Chiang Mai before leaving, and that was go to the Tiger Kingdom to play with the baby tigers. There were about 4 cubs and they were about 3 months old. You weren't allowed to pet their head or paws, but you were able to rub their bellies and backs. These guys were really cute and playful. Was really tempted to take one home!

Our night bus to Bangkok was pretty nice. Came stacked with a blanket, neck pillow, snacks and water. They also played the newest Mummy movie with Brendan |Fraser in Thai. Jamie knocked out pretty easily, but my body just wouldn't let me sleep in a seat much. Instead, I sat awake playing soduku and solitaire on my Ipod till we arrived in Bangkok at 5AM.

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