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Nathan sleeping at the Manaus airport

View of the city of Sao Paulo

The old and new face of Sao Paulo

Famous Brazilian BBQ buffet

Olivia[s shock at the amount of meat

10 star night bus to Rio

After a whole day of rest and homeschooling in Manaus, we set off to the Manaus airport to fly to Sao Paulo. The flight is at 4AM and we arrived at Sao Paulo at 9:30AM, which means a night of bad rest. We slept like those in Amazing Race in the airpot. (see pic


Sao Paulo is the largest city in South America and fourth largest in the world. It is situated on an mountainous area around 800m with a mixed of historical colonial and modern buildings. (

) Pastor and Mrs. Chen, uncle Johnson, and Mrs. Amy Chen were very kind in driving us all over Sao Paulo giving us a sense of this large city and in treating us to Brazilian all-you-can-eat BBQ (South Place) (

)and Japanese food in Japan town. The steak is one of the best we had if one knows which type of meat to pick. We also rested in the hotel owned by Uncle Johnson until our night bus to Rio at 12:20AM (6 hours).

Although it was a short one day in Sao Paulo, I felt we got a good feel for the city and also understand better the needs of the Chinese Christian church here.


1) The last night bus to Rio is at 12:20AM which allows one to arrive in Rio at a safe time in the morning. The cost for the delux large sleeper chair bus (Auto Viacao 1001) is $R 82/person, more expensive than the regular sleeper chair bus. This delux bus has only three seats across and provides pillows, blankets, and snack. It is exactly as big as first class seats of international air flights. We wish we could have ridden it for another six hours.

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