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Blayde and a pinecone in the Kisatchie National Forest.

A yummy taste of Louisiana.

We drove over the Red River on this bridge leaving Alexandria, LA.

Ever have one of those days when you just want to sit around and do nothing? We had one of those days yesterday… so that is exactly what we did…basically nothing. We simply stayed on an extra day at the Country Livin’ RV Park outside of Natchitoches, LA, and enjoyed the quiet and tranquility of the park. We took some relaxing walks, played a little Blongo Ball, read our books and I prepared yummy homemade meals. The only downside to the last couple of days is that I got sunburned and am now a bright red. (I made sure to buy sunscreen today so as to avoid that mistake again!)

Today, with our spirits recharged, we headed out for Kisatchie National Forest. It was a pretty drive and we enjoyed seeing the lovely dogwood trees in bloom scattered throughout the green pine trees. We had heard about one lookout point in the forest, officially named “Longleaf Vista”, being unofficially named “The Little Grand Canyon” by the locals. We wanted to be sure to see that… and we did. Having been to the real Grand Canyon, both Willie and I are not sure how this lookout point got its pet name. It is pretty, but not what we were expecting based on the name. We did, however, enjoy the peace and quiet in this forest with the only sound being that of the breeze blowing through the pines. Blayde seemed to think that the best parts of the park are the giant pinecones; some of them are nearly half his size.

After leaving the forest we meandered on down to Alexandria. As we arrived to the outskirts of the city we saw another very nicely kept Louisiana Visitors Center so we stopped in. I asked the friendly young lady working at the counter where she would suggest we eat if we wanted a real taste of Louisiana (no chain restaurants please!) and she gave us an enthusiastic recommendation for a place that she said makes “the best boudin balls anywhere!” After reassuring me that, “although this place is simply a shack on the outside and nothing to look at but the food is great”, she gave me detailed driving directions, a map, and off we went to the Kajun Kitchen. Upon arriving to our destination I have to admit that the ambiance left much to be desired… but the food was truly delicious and a fun culinary find. I ordered a little of everything while Willie took Blayde for a walk… a meat pie, a crawfish pie, 2 boudin balls, and a BBQ sandwich (the sandwich was just in case Willie didn’t like the other food). We sat in the comfort of Clyde and sampled/shared everything I had ordered and we found it to be a fun “foodie” experience. In fact, Willie has proclaimed the meat pie we ate in Alexandria to be even better than the meat pie from Lasyone Meat Pie Kitchen in Natchitoches!

We then headed north and have ended up shopping then overnight parking at Wal-Mart in Winnfield, LA, for the night.

Willie has charted a rural route headed back towards Texas for tomorrow as we continue on our adventures. We much prefer to avoid the interstates when possible… so many more interesting sights and local flavors on the back roads!

Happy Travels, Rebecca

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