Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

Art Deco Theatre

Anchor's Anal Intrusion

What A Lovely Pair...

Shihad (Big NZ Band Apparently)


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

In The Mosh Pit

Te Mata Lookout Over Napier

So Napier had a huge Earthquake back in the 30's. Everything was rebuilt from scratch resulting in the most beautiful Art Deco City. Made even more beautiful as the sun came out! Yay!

Bumped into Mo and Becky who we'd seen at loads of other campsites and they told us about a gig that the Datsuns were playing at as a support act. We'd vaguely heard of them before and so assumed the main act would be pretty cool too. So we booked some tickets. The Main Act was a band called Shihad who are a big band over here but not made it anywhere else, so we weren't sure what to expect. They were actually pretty damn good live if you like heavy metalish music. The frontman put on a great show and got the crowd wound up big time. The mosh pit was a sweaty mass of monstrously-sized Kiwis. The stage was right on the beach and it was a full-moon which made it all look pretty cool and, at times, really crazy. Keith had given up smoking (again) at NYE so proceeded to eat "hotdogs". We use the term 'hotdogs' loosely as it's a deep fried sausage on a stick dipped in red vinegar that they claim is tomato sauce. Not good the next morning.

We shared a cab there and back with the Campsite owners son & daughter which was quite lucky really as the two of us would've had no chance getting back.

Next day, worse for wear, we headed to Te Mata lookout which had wicked views of the whole of Hawke's Bay. That cleared our heads so we headed to Ocean Beach which was stunning but the water was like being in an ice bath, even though there was a burn time of 7mins. NZ is nuts!

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