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San Pedro volcano

Hope she doesn't blow her top!

View from digs

Pimp my ride!!! Chicken bus style!

The suicide showers!

Buenas Tardes Amigos!

(Good afternoon friends, for those who are not spanishly inclined!!!) James and I have moved on again! After getting up early for the last two weekes it feels we decided we needed some laying in time. We heard about San Pedro on the lake, where life's chilled and unrushed so 10 hrs and 5 chicken buses later we arrived in the really small and sedate town!

To give an example of chicken bus numbers we were a 16 seater minivan with 24 other people!!! Try it sometime its fun!!!

Anyway we arrived and it is as peacful as they say. The town is surrounded by volcanos and sits on a lake which makes for some dramatic scenery. But a few days of doing nothing is not what we're gonna get here! James has enrolled us in spanish school!!! For the next 5 days, we are back in the classroom (hope our legs still fit under a desk) taking 4hrs of spanish classes a day from 8.30am!!! 8.30am where is our lie in, non exsistant for a few more days at least!

We even had to go out today and buy ourselves a note book and pen, and we are gonna have homework!!! But we are looking forward to it and should graduate to proper sentances and maybe be able to order the food we want!

Oh yeah, we haven't told you about the suicide showers yet have we? When they say they have hot water, taking a shower becomes a whole new ball game! Basically, theres an electrical pump and heating element inclosed within the shower head. This requires alot of power (50amps) and the wires are normally too small and so are burnt out or there are bare connections and wire ends hanging out! Everyone knows water and electricity are not a good combination and for us tall people its a disaster! James has already found out! When he put his hands up to wash his hair he got a big shock and did a little dance in the shower!!!!! We've included a pic of one of the death traps, regulations mean nothing out here!

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