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Lauz - hukka pipe virgin


happy birthday ems!



drunk cycling - at the non-existent ruins!

snorkelling at Garrafon - forced to wear gay lifejackets!





Woke up this morning very very excited about seeing the girls and couldn't wait to check out of the Cancun hostel(which was full of total wierdos - really wouldn't recommend anyone ever goes to this place!)

Arrived at the airport to see lots of tired looking white people get off the plane...was strange to see WHSmith carrier bags and almost felt a bit homesick hearing English voices...until a load of horrendous chavs in tracksuits came out shouting obscenities about women and beer and just get them to the nearest bar etc etc ...just made me cringe and so ashamed to be from the same country as them that the homesickness pangs quickly disappeared!

And then Ems & Lauz came through - was so good to see them i almost cried...they were both looking a bit shell-shocked which i presumed was just tiredness and jetlag...however it turned out that they'd just been asked if they wanted a threesome by the immigration official in the previous point about Mexican men confirmed exactly!

We'd decided we weren't going to spend any time in Cancun, so we headed over to Isla Mujeres, an island just off the coast (where Madonna wrote her song La Isla Bonita about - v exciting). We treated ourselves to a taxi to the port as i knew the girls would be too tired to contemplate 3 buses to get there but i told them under no uncertain terms to get used to such luxury as we would be bussing it everywhere after the first day...Emma looks at me horrified like i'm joking - can't wait to get her on a chicken bus - ha ha!

We arrived at our hotel (yes hotel - not a hostel!) which was v exciting for me - pure luxury - we had our own bathroom(!) with hot water (!!) and fan(!!!) and tv (!!!!) - HEAVEN - i didnt even want to leave the room...i had a quick inspection of both the girls rucksacks and must admit i was very impressed that they'd followed my instructions exactly of packing light - no hairdryers, high heels, unnecessary toiletries a big well done especially to you Ems!...although bringing not just one but TWO white skirts was totally impractical for backpacking - but at least you kept the side looking pretty & feminine - something i am not doing with my clothes which are beginning to resemble a tramps!

So we had a few great days on the island - exploring the beautiful white beaches, lots of sun (and stripey sun burn!), great food and of course lots of cervezas and just basically having a good catch up.

The last day there was Emma's birthday, so after a birthday breakfast we decided to hire some bikes and explore the island. You wouldn't imagine hiring 3 bikes (that came with brakes!) could be such a palava but EVENTUALLY we got some and were on our way...

We headed to Garrafon National Park - a big tourist attraction on the north tip of the was very expensive and touristy and we were debating whether to go in or not because of the cost when we saw that there was an all-you-can-eat buffet and free bar that swung it - it was a birthday after all! (Although a big thank you to the girls for treating me - me being unemployed and everything!!) It was definitely worth it though as we got to do zip-lining and snorkelling (didn't bother with the kayaking as not to waste valuable drinking and eating time)...the zip-lining was good fun but pretty terrifying for me having such bad vertigo - in fact me and lauz were both pretty scared and crap at it and had to be rescued a couple of times by the guide for going to slow and stopping half way down - ems was totally mortified and had to disown us she was so embarrassed by our behaviour)..then we tried the snorkelling which was my turn to be embarrassed by the other 2 wimps in the water...only joking! it was actually pretty scary as the waves were so big all in all an excellent day - somehow we made the bike ride home very drunk - which we discovered is a good condition to be in for cycling as the journey back took less than half the time it had taken us to get there!

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