Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Thats where we hiked up to

They were taking this thing down

Halfway up

Cross at the top of Bray Head

Bray from the top

Me at the top

Sail boats

Candians and South Africans

Kayla, Daniella and me

Kevin and Me

The program that I came over here with sent out an email to all the people participating in the work in Ireland program about an August social event so I decided to go along to meet some more new people. A group of us met down in Bray at the dart station. At first I didn't know who I was looking for but saw a small group forming so I walked over and asked if they were there for the USIT thing.

Firt guy I meet is from guess where....Calgary. What a small world. Turns out he is also from the NW and went to Bishop Carroll. But he is a couple years younger then me so we didn't know any of the same people. Next guy I meet is from South Africa. Very very nice guy and full of questions about Canada. Next guy I meet is from Vancouver.

Then a couple more people join the group we started forming and this is when I meet Kevin and Becks. Kevin is from Australia and Becks is from New Zealand. Instantly hit it off with Kevin. So once we had the whole group together we all went around in a circle and introduced ourselves. There was about 20 of us. There was a Bulgarian, a Polish, 2 German girls, another girl from New Zealand, a few from South Africa, a couple american girls and a few of us Canadians.

We headed on our way up the hill and it was quite a hike. Kevin and I chatted away and I learnt about Australia and that he has never seen snow! So crazy! The hike was a little tough but fun. Me and a couple of girls stuck together and finally reached the top sweating. The view from up there was amazing. The wind was really strong up there.

After we got back down from the hike a couple people decided to jump in the ocean..was a little cold. We all headed to a pub there and got to socialize more and USIT even gave us money to order a couple of pizzas for dinner which was a nice surprise. I took a few pictures and got a lot of peoples numbers to meet up again. I had figured that Kevin was gay as soon as I met him and when we both checked out the cute barman at the pub I knew for sure haha. He's a great guy and really funny!

Got home around 11pm and was exhausted from the hike and crashed out on the couch watching a movie. But I made a bunch of new friends from all over the world today.

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