Lady Di...on her state visit... travel blog

With these sorts of workers, it's no wonder we sat in the...

Stopping at some random cave...along with all the other tourist boats!

Pretty impressive cave though, could be a Bond film set...or a pirate's...

Well i never, how terribly rude (!)

Getting arty in the cave

Drinking pals...Juliet (UK), Jason and Chris (Oz)...

...and Fenella & Fay (UK)

Random floating shops that one backpacker decided to try out and give...

Swimming in the sea

Wind-swept and covered in mosquito repellent!

What a picture!

Wicked evening, sat on top of a boat with this scenery drinking...

Frightened myself to death in the night because having slept with all the lights out, I woke up at about 6am to find the bathroom light on and became paranoid (in my slightly sleepy state) that there was a ghost in my room! When I woke up at 8am and actually got up, it turns out it was the light coming through the window! Blond moment. No excuses!

Was picked up for my 2 day tour to Halong bay and just as I'm nodding off on the minibus, the driver decides it's time for a refreshment break. Typical. I swear that they all wait until I look faguely sleepy! So, wander around this craft place we've stopped at and pick up some pretty ceramic coasters that I think my Grandma might like, but promptly drop it and it smashes all over the floor, and unsurprisingly causes the 50 or so people in there to stare at me. Didn't have to pay though, can you believe it!

Get on our boat, which we're sleeping on tonight, and promptly sit in the harbour for another 2 hours, whilst every other boat in sight leaves! Not sure why, but then again, you never do know why everything takes so long out here!

Meet a great bunch amidst the crowd on board and we spend the day laughing, drinking and swimming! Oh, and at one beach stop one of the girls (Juliet) bumps into someone she met in Hanoi and they apparently recognise me from Ho Chi Min but I don't have a clue who they are, and as I start practising my poi on the beach it turns out that even they have heard about some girl burning her skirt back in Nha imagine their amusement when Juliet tells them it was me!

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