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Bear Harbor at the Ellora Caves

A Grand Hall

A Monk Prays to the Buddha

Ann on the Second Story

A Cave Temple Facade

Brad in the Rock

Brad on the Balcony

A Triple Decker

A Row of Buddhas

Brad Rides the Cow

A Temple Carved out of Solid Rock

A Carved Hindu God

Ann with a Stone Elephant

A Jain Rock Temple

Detailed Work

Jain God

On the Second Floor of the Jain Temple

Ornate Jain Columns

A Temple Entrance

Brad Peers out to the Next Temple

Climbing to the Next Temple

The Kailasa Temple










Ashok, Our Tuk-Tuk Driver

Ellora was another day trip from Aurangabad. This time we had our driver Ashok to drive us around in his rickshaw. The caves are much different from the ones we saw in Ajanta but also a World Heritage Site. For starters, there are Buddhist caves but there are Hindu and Jain caves as well. They date from AD600 to AD1000. I wore my flip flops this time so I could take my shoes off more easily but go figure, these caves don't require you to do that. There were many less pilgrims here and more tourists. The most fascinating thing about these caves is that they were built from the top down! They spread across a 2km escarpment and were literally cut into the rock. The floors of the cave are very rough and uneven while the ceilings are smooth. There were many more intricate carvings here than in Ajanta. Most impressive was the huge Kailasa Temple. Literally, it was built top down out of the rock. They removed 200,000 tons of rock and the temple is twice the area of the Parthenon and 1 and a half times as high. Amazing!!

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