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An early morning stop at a beach

A big hole!

Swing bridges at Karangahake Scenic Reserve

Geri at the start of the tunnel

Picture in pitch black hence the big pupils!

Vicky in the tunnel

Another swing bridge

A brief stop at Hobbiton


The start of our Maori experience

Our Maori greeting

The warrior that met us

Maori women singing

Women with Pois

The performance


The poi dance

Early start this morning, after a pretty late night.

After driving for a little while we stopped at this little town to get breakfast, then sat on the beach for a while. Very picturesque!

We then stopped briefly at a quarry, and as I hadn't been listening to what we were getting out to see I was quite surprised by this rather large hole!

Karangahake Scenic Reserve was our next stop of the day (if you haven't guessed by now we have lots of stops) where we had our lunch. This was really fun as we got to run and jump our way across wobbly swing bridges, before walking through a pitch black 1km long tunnel made through the rock.

Then after a brief stop at Hobbiton (we didn't actually see anything Lord of the Ringsy) and then at a Zorbing centre (for those of you who don't know about this strange sport, it involves getting strapped into a giant hamster ball and getting rolled down a hill - and no I didn't have a go!), we arrived at Rotorua. And again for those that don't know, Rotorua is right on top of a lot of geothermal activity and as such it bloody stinks of eggs!!

That night we went on the Maori experience. We were taken in a bus to this village where they have set up a cultural centre type thing. To start you are 'greeted' by a Maori warrior who does a threatening dance while other people chant and sing. Then you get invited into the village and can wander around while the people sing and do poi dances and fighting moves. After that is a performance where they talk to you about their history and perform tradtional dances and the Haka. And then the best bit....you get to have a massive Maori feast where they cook all the food in a Hangi (an underground cooker). It was all very tasty although the sceptics among us weren't entirely convinced that the food had been cooked in the hangi - especially the pavlova!!!

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