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I'm coming Mum!

Hello Dad

A little sunbathing!

Not the White Cliffs of Dover!

Around the bay

Looking across to the town

What have we here?

This looks interesting

Old Harbour

Today was such a glorious day we headed to the seaside town of Weymouth and enjoyed a long walk along the prom and beach. We had visited Weymouth briefly in September but then there was crowds galore! Not our scene!

Weymouth was the site of the sailing competitions for the 2012 Olympics however the history of Weymouth and the remaining Georgian buildings seen today owes a lot to George III. He was the first reigning monarch to follow the craze of sea bathing it is said taking his first dip at Weymouth with his followers of gentry rushing into the waves behind him. Daisy hasn't learnt the art of sea bathing- here feet remain firmly on the beach!

Weymouth was also the port from which John Endicott sailed in 1628 to establish Salem in Massachusetts.

Returning back to Waymouth we then explored the Old Harbour area , Daisy in particular enjoyed the fishy smells of the many working boats.

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