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Halfway up Whiteface Mt.

That's where were headed.

Lake Placid from halfway.

Through the turn around.

And back out to the parking.

From the parking lot, are we hiking up.

Now, we are going through.

Enter here.

Very kool/cool inside. There is a elevator inside.

Also cool on top in January.

Lake Placid from the top.

The clouds are moving in. Lake Champlain is over there under the...

Ausable river, a gentle flowing mountain stream.

Then the top of High Falls Gorge.

Middle of the falls.

The bottom of the falls.

Interesting tree growth.

Let's ride the Gondola Car to the top.

See that yellow spot, next to the cable by the road.

This is it.

Some of the black slopes on Whiteface MT.

A map of the runs.


We are going back down.

Great weather today. 73 degrees, no humidity and no clouds on the mountain, so we decided to drive up the backside of Whiteface Mountain. The entrance is only 5 miles west of our campground. It was an adventure with a paved road that was posted at 25mph. If you were in a hurry, you might drive 25mph, but the road is like 8 miles of speed bumps. The view was worth the trip.

When we came down from the drive, we decided to go see High Falls Gorge, which is only 5 miles south of our campgrounds. It was beautiful to see and very loud, might mention there were lots of steps. Did not count them this time.

While driving to the gorge we saw the entrance to Whiteface Ski Area, so on the way back we stopped in. We took the gondola ride to its highest point, which is still a few hundred feet below the top ski areas. These are the slopes used for the 1932 & 1980 Winter Olympics. It is scary to look down the slopes, talk about skiing down them.

We covered a couple days here. We get behind on the blog and forget when we did what.

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