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Had coffee with friends at 9:30 this morning. Regaled them with accounts of my trip to Vegas - everyone had a good laugh at me staying up until 6am playing slot machines.

The carpet cleaners showed up promptly at 10:00 - they were done by 10:20. Goes to show you how much carpet there is in an RV! I was kicked out of the house for at least four hours while the carpet was drying so I went to Costco and did other errands. I played Mah Jong from 2-4 pm and believe it or not the carpet was still not completely dry when I arrived home. Even at this late hour there are sections that are still damp. I am surprised because it was quite a warm and dry day.

Tomorrow I had better buckle down and gather my info for Wednesday's appointment with HR Block. Another horrible reminder of Tom not being with me. I guess that's why I have put this thing off until very near the deadline. Some days are just plain tough to get through . I've got a couple of those coming up soon so I had better brace myself.

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