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Tourists lined up for the 1hr island tour.

The owner's wife would not let him cut down trees, so he...

Looking downstream of the St. Lawrence River.

One of a thousand private islands.

Yet another.

This marsh was the location of another USA/British battle we won.

Local resident.

Approaching Singer Castle.

The dock and castle.

Repunsel, throw down your hair!

Whats a castle without a clock tower?

And a wine cellar.

The office in the tower.

His and hers bedroom.

Maids bedroom.

One of many secret passages, so servants would not be seen between...

All that glass is the breakfast room.

Male servants slept in the boathouse and got to the house by...

From the yard.

We were going to take pic's of all 1000, but afraid of...

Old lighthouse, now a private residence

I guess you just camp on this one.

Bridge on the Canadian side. The tower is on Welesley Island.

# 999

Approach to Boldt Castle

Backdoor view.

Unfinished basement pool.

Front door.

Recieving parlor.

Dining room.

And I say unto you.

Her bedroom.

Stained glass skylight in the foyer, three floors up.

The foyer from the third floor.

Electric generator house.


Front side view.

Five story playhouse.

The boathouse. A little dark, sorry.

Finally...a break in the weather. Calm waters and 73 degrees.

We drove into Alexandria Bay to take one of the cruises. We got there for the 10:00 Cruise. is Sunday and it is a different schedule than the weekdays. So we are leaving at 1:00. We walked around town and had breakfast.

The cruise is a 3 hour tour that goes 9 miles down the St. Lawrence River past many of the 1000 islands to Singer Castle. The castle was built by the President of Singer Sewing Machine Company as a "hunting lodge". He didn't want his wife to know how involved and large it really was. It remains fully furnished as it did in it's heyday.

From there we cruised past more islands .. some known as 'millionaire row'. The last stop was at Boldt Castle. This castle is on Heart Island and was to be a testimony of the unsurpassed love of George Boldt's love for his wife. George Boldt was the most successful hotel magnate in America at the time. Including the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. He used the finest materials and workmen for the construction of the elaborate summer home. Tragedy struck as his wife Louise passed away at age 42 the 1st of January. It was to be a valentine day gift. He sent a telegram ordering all work to stop. Three hundred men dropped their tools and left the island never to return.

George Boldt never returned to the island. It is now owned by the state of New York and they agreed that they would never finish it either. NY has spend millions of dollars bringing it back after years of neglect, vandalism and weather rot.

It was fun to see. The weather was perfect. We agreed that Larry would never build me a castle. We have seen a couple castles that were built for wife's that never survived to see it.

Tomorrow...we head to Lake Placid.

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