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This and the next 3 photos were taken at Noxon Reservoir this...




Just think, all that ice melted before any of us were burning...



Small part of Lake Pend Oreille. The lake is 65 mi. long...

The US Navy uses this lake for submarine testing.


(Ron Writing) We left Yaak River CG this morning and continued south on US-2 a short distance to Troy, MT. From there we headed south on MT-56. This was a very beautiful drive on a beautiful morning. The road winds through the Cabinet Mountains and the west edge of the Cabinet Wilderness area. The forests there are some of the most beautiful we’ve seen with such a variety of trees all looking so healthy.

We then took Highway 200 west back to Sandpoint. We stopped by the Noxon Reservoir to enjoy the views. The lake was very smooth this morning reflecting the mountains and clouds in the distance.

As we were driving along the north side of Lake Pend Oreille we noticed a roadside farm selling pears. We stopped to purchase some and enjoyed visiting with the owner. He appeared to be in his 80’s and said he purchased the 40 acres next to and overlooking the lake in 1954 for $5,000. He has a tall pole in his front yard with a nest platform on top. The same pair of ospreys have raised a family there for the past three summers. He said it’s so fun watching them bring fish back to the nest for the young ones. One of the adults was in the nest while we were there but the young ones left the nest a few days ago.

We stopped at the farmers market in Sandpoint this morning. They have many vendors selling all sorts of fresh veggies, fruits, baked goods, preserves etc. There was even a vendor selling Yak meat. Elena wasn’t quite ready to try that yet. It looked pretty good to me.

This afternoon we did our laundry and a little shopping. We’re spending the night parked at Wal*Mart.

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