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We got the coach back from Gold RV the slide-out fully repaired but we are still waiting for the replacement levelling jack to arrive from the US. It appears that Gold RV have done a really good careful job. We now just need to get the reimbursement from Tiffin!. Gold had found the slide floor was definitly rotting due to poor build and lack of sealent and where there was any sealent it was very poor quality.

We returned to the campground in Chichester and setup. We intended to have a quiet Christmas in Chichester. Again little did we know things would be changing.

Firstly our fridge/freezer decided it was not holding temperature. We talked to Gary at Gold RV who thought maybe our themostat had failed. We went and got a new one and fitted it but things did not change. As that didn't Gary thought maybe coolent crystals had developed or there was an airlock. He suggested that Tony give a good hit of the cooling pipes at the back of the fridge. There was some small improvement but the following day we took the coach back up to Alton so Gary could do a full check for us as we might need a new cooling system. Gary checked the electrical elements of the fridge and then again gave the cooling pipes a good hit. The fridge appeared to start cooling. Gary suggested we ring him the next day to confirm whether it was working or not. by the time we got back to the campground the fridge was to proper temperature and the freezer was freezing. Looks as if we had an air lock.

Along with the fridge/freezer playing up we heard on the Wedsnesday before Christmas that Heather's sister's husband David had had a stroke and was now in Lincoln Hospital. Heather's sister Susan lives quite close to their mum and gives quite a lot of support to her so after a telephone conversation our plans for Christmas changed. We left the coach at the campground in Chichester on the Saturday and headed to Grantham to mum's for the holidays.

We had a quiet Christmas at Mum's. David stroke had paralysed his right side but he was making good progress and was transferred to the Grantham Hospital on Christmas Eve. The amusing incident on Christmas Day was watching Daisy carefully opening her Christmas presents. she held the present between her two paws and slowly and deliberately pulled of the wrapping paper.

We returned to Chichester and the Thursday after Christmas as we had to move the coach to another campground on the Saturday as they had a group coming in for the New Year. We returned to a campground in Wareham, Dorset which we had enjoyed in September. We may stay a while here till the jack finally arrives at Gold RV

The fridge/freezer is now working great!

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