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It was a little nasty.

Keep going and we will outrun it.

Sugar, and friends didn't care about the weather. They napped!

Here we are crossing the Canadian Bridge onto Wellesley Island.

Another shot of the bridge.

Wellesley Island in the background.

At the border checkpoint.

Crossing the USA Bridge to the mainland.

A couple of the 1000 islands area from the bridge.

Our campsite.

With the bay in the background.

Back in the USA. We did a third day of 400+ miles and made it across the border. We stopped at 1:00 for lunch at a Truck Stop. When we sat down inside the sky opened up with a heavy/heavy rain and about 30+ MPH winds. By the time we finished eating, it had slowed to drizzle, so we took off only to drive through the same storm. After that it chased us all the way to the border.

We stopped at the New York Welcome Center, which was closed for the day, and grabbed some info booklets. We started calling campgrounds that had the next 5 nights available. We got lucky on the third try, 20 miles away and reasonably priced. it is a very nice CG/Marina on Chaumont Bay off the St. Lawrence River, with mostly local permanent RV's and boats. It is a little rustic but in a beautiful spot. The owner and residents are very friendly.

We are set up for 5 nights and will start touring the area. Maybe even take a day and do nothing.

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