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Blayde pretending as if he doesn't know CJ is hiding a chewie...

Blayde and his buddy CJ.

The Conte Sisters, such a pretty bunch of girls!

The Tate House is listed as the "Pink Palace" in the National...

Constructed of rare Etowah Pink Marble.

Pretty garden area in the back yard of the Tate house.

What a fun couple of days we enjoyed in Chattanooga visiting with our friends Chris, Carl, and five of their 11 children! Blayde had fun, too, since he got to spend the two days playing with CJ, his little orange Pomeranian friend. Blayde and CJ romp and play nearly to the point of exhaustion whenever they are together. Lunch in downtown Chattanooga, a yummy home-grilled dinner on Chris and Carl’s patio, and lots of great conversation made our visit most enjoyable.

Once we left Chattanooga we headed towards Atlanta, GA. We drove on all back roads, including a few detours due to rock slides, and enjoyed the farms, forests, and small towns dotting our route. While driving towards Atlanta on Hwy 53 we stumbled upon the prettiest mansion! The 19,000 square foot mansion, named “The Historic Tate House” was built in 1920 using a rare, bright pink marble, referred to as “Etowah” marble. Recently named one of the top “must see” places in Georgia by Georgia Magazine, this gorgeous pink marble mansion is one of the most photographed privately owned homes in Georgia and I can see why! Of course, I wasn’t aware that it was a private home (after all they had a large parking lot and a sign telling the name of the mansion) so I stopped to take pictures. Wouldn’t you know that once I started wandering around the outside of this magnificent building, including the back yard, a kind lady came out of the house and explained to me it was a private residence and not a tourist attraction. Ooops.

We are now spending the night tonight just outside of Atlanta in Buford, GA, in preparation to go to Stone Mountain tomorrow. It was a lovely drive today and I truly enjoyed seeing this part of the country.

Happy Travels,


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