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We are in Canada.

The view along the Highway.

We could show you a couple of hundred of these.

Anyone seen the movie, The Fog?

Also many tree covered mountains.

Our boondock site for rhe night.

Top of a ski slope.

How did we get our MH up there anyway.

Well, we drove into Canada as a shortcut across the Great lakes with the intent to cross quickly. It is approximately 1250 miles (2000 Kilometers), so we decided to drive longer days than usual. We did 420 miles today. Canada's interstate Hwy. 17 is for the most part a 2 lane highway with passing lanes and lots of construction.

We crossed the border with no trouble. To leave International Falls you pay a toll on the US side to cross the bridge ($12). You are actually winding through Boise Company papermill over their railroad tracks. The bridge was a short distance with construction on it. Not any fun in a Motorhome.

Along the way we were surprised how different it is from the south side of the Great Lakes. Of course, lots of water views, but very mountainous with beautiful forests, unlike Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Of course there were a few logging trucks.

Since we were driving thru, we decided to Boondock for the night. In MH jargon, that is pull over, park and sleep. We picked this visitor center parking lot, which happen to be the top of a ski slope before the highway was built. It started out with 1 truck and us, but when we woke up there were 9 trucks and 2 cars there besides us.

Short story....One of our companion truck drivers was a little interesting. Pink mini skirt and top. We thought..Wow, a woman truck driver! In the morning Larry talked to the driver wearing jeans and high heels. it wasn't a woman truck driver.

On to another long day of driving.

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