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The grounds and palace at Tulum

Front of palace

Back of palace.....main astrological building

Temple of Descending god

Leaning lighthouse.....symbol of Puerto Morales ....hurricane damaged

Taken of leaning lighthouse on wharf side.......

In the rain, we went to Tulum and hired a guide. She was an archaeologist and anthropologist. She plans to study Mayan hieroglyphics in Texas.

We had a 45 min. tour and learned Mayan history. Tulum some of you have visited. What you learned may have been Toltec as the Toltecs invaded and defeated the Mayans bringing human sacrifice with them from the north. Tulum was settled during the classic period of Mayan history. Primarily it was a port city where products....obsidian, jade and corn in exchange for cotton and medicines.

Buildings were aligned with the equinoxes, the stars....particularly Venus. Crops were planted after the spring equinox and harvested at the autumnal equinox. Offerings to the 'descending god' were corn, gems, wood. The Toltecs brought human sacrifice from the north.

Tulum is a much smaller site than the others. It is surrounded by rainforest jungle bush on 3 sides, the Caribbean on the other. There are few tall trees. There were remnants of 5 buildings. Some inscriptions and masks remain.

It should be high tourist season with 10,000 visitors. But 3,000 has been the most this year so far. We felt like they were all here yesterday .

We were glad we had tram tickets as the line to get in or buy tram tickets was long. We had lunch and drove to Puerto Morales.

Today we drove into Cancun, to Puerto Juarez and along the hotel encrusted spit. It reminded me of 'Vegas. Wall to wall hotels, shopping centers, nightclubs, and few views of the water. By lunch we were back.

We went down to the beach....lots of white sand....went for a swim in the warm Caribbean and had an excellent seafood dinner. After we went for a walk along the beach.

Now we are sitting out in a garden courtyard at Mora Hotel. Soon we will retire.

Tomorrow we will check out, drive to the Cancun airport, drop our car and fly home. We have enjoyed each country. We fell in love with Granada, Antigua and Caye Caulker. Our favorite ruins remains Copan although Uxmal stands a close 2nd. Palenque and Chichen Itza I would like to see more of.....maybe some day.

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