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Off we go again Very similar scenery

The bike path surface is excellent, although edges are very sandy. We...

We see the famous zebra striped lighthouse at Contis-Plage, our coffee stop

And the path continues through pine plantations

And some heather


Now which path do we take?

Enormous amounts of bicycle parking at Vieille Girons Plage

Elvis reads the sign and decides he’s not going for a swim...

Max has read this sign and knows for sure he’s not going...

Elvis wonders what Tom is doing in that place?

Picnic lunch spot hunting

No idea what these berries are but they are along our route...

Now there are cork trees amongst the other trees.

We get to our AirBnb studio in Léon. I love the door...

And the cute baby BBQ on the terrasse

Wine over dinner with the traditional wall design on the restaurant



- At last set off early in the fog and before the heat set in and made very good time to get to our first planned stop. Had a bit of a ‘race’ with a local man presumably riding to work in the next town. All good fun for the 3 of us.

- The path climbed up and down for 8km over several large forested hills (sand dunes) , before we got to the coast. Then followed the coast for most of the day again around or over dunes with lots of pine trees. Very pleasant cycling.

- Stopped in Contis-Plage for morning tea at a surfers’ cafe

- Planned picnic lunch at St Girons plage but there was no shade (although there was a huge bike parking area). It was a big surf beach so watched surfers for awhile before moving on.

- Found a spot beside the forest for our picnic.

- Got to our accommodation before 3pm. Yay! Time to settle in and do the washing and a bit of relaxing before going out to dinner on our bikes

Accommodation 60€ for 2.

Very new and trendy garden studio in Leon. A nice terrasse with plenty of space.

Distance Today: 68km Distance Total: 866km


Foggy start then built up to 27C with quite a bit of humidity



The usual


Picnic including some delicious pork terrine with Roquefort

Found some of my favourite partly dried bananas whilst picnic shopping.

Dinner25€ pp

1/2 litre wine

Charcuterie board

Merlu (hake) - T

Pork - P

Apple tart thing - T

Fruit salad - P

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