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Kirkenes during WWII

Map of Kirkenes

Russian Soldier - Russia saved them from the Germans

Entrance to the underground bunker for the town's people during WWII


Tunnel carved out by the iron-ore miners of the town

Plaque from the King of Norway thanking his soldiers


Soldiers always want to know how far it is to home

Father teaching his son how to play chess

Norway-Russia Border Crossing

Border Crossing

Norway and Russian Flags at Border Crossing


Finland has many, many lakes

Waterfall along river



This morning we left our Hurtigruten coastal vessel as we got on a bus to Kirkenes. This is a Norwegian port near the Russian border. Strategically significant for its iron ore resources and its location near the Russian port of Murmansk.

Kirkenes was occupied by 100,000 Nazi troops during World War II. During the occupation, the Germans created shelters from old iron ore caves to protect its troops from attacks and raids by the Soviet Union. The civilian population also dug tunnels to protect the citizens of the city.

The bus then took us to the Norway-Russian Border Crossing.

Then, on to Finland!!

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