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Any Four-Leaf?

It is the windiest, rainiest, coldest spring EVER! We say this every year.

It rains overnight. John heads to the showers this morning and there is a brief shower. He heads back to the RV in another brief shower. It is all about the timing.

We start our day in the rain with wind. Fortunately, the further west we travel, the better the weather gets.

Route 34 is a straight road to the west. Iowa is rolling hills and farmland. It turns out to be a good travel day.

We pass Ottumwa. We stop at the Highway Restaurant in Albia for a late breakfast. We stop briefly in Osceola at Walmart before heading south into Missouri.

There is nothing exciting to show pictures of but the day is broken up nicely. We are in our new campground before 2:00.

We chat for a while with our host. He rides a Harley. I take a walk to the lake. The weather is nice enough that I clean the glue off our second map. Tomorrow, we continue working our way across the country.

Post Note:

The skies darken. I rush to the showers before the rain. The showers are in a metal building that doubles as the storm shelter.

While showering, a hail storm hits. I am showering in a tin can. It is a safe tin can but you can imagine the noise.

Eventually, there is a break in the storm. I hurry back to the RV with quarter inch hail under foot. It is another adventure.

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