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One of the reasons for coming home - feels like 48 degrees

April 10, 2016, Singapore - Toronto

We get up at 4:30am, shower, pack and are ready and waiting in the hotel lobby when the taxi arrives. It is a fast drive to the airport with very little traffic on the roads. At the airport we don't have to wait in line to check in our luggage because there is no line up! Going through customs is not a problem and we go for some breakfast. Our flight leaves at 8am and we have a uneventful flight to Hong Kong.

We have some lunch at the Hong Kong airport and walk slowly over to our gate where we change and upgrade our seats for the long 15 hour flight to Toronto. The flight leaves at 3pm and we manage to sleep some of the 15 hours. Before landing they serve us breakfast - strange as it is 6pm in Toronto when we land. Our time table is throroughly mixed up and our bodies with it!

We decide to stay in a hotel for the evening and night and drive home tomorrow. It feels good to be "home" again.

This trip did not go as we had planned and that is a disappointment and yet we know that we made the right decision to cut it short and to come home. We especially feel that when we are back in our own home. The first week home is our time to get used to the different time zone again, to rest and feel well again.

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