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Road crews bundle the cut grass, how nice.

Lots of cattle

Wonder what kind of orchard this is.

Crop Duster at work.

Pretty freeway divider bushes

Corning, CA - city of olives

Olive Grove

Lunch at Black Bear Cafe

Mount Lassen, Volcano

Mt. Shasta coming into view

Sacramento River, we crossed several times

Lots of farmland.


Lots of cattle along the way

At last, Redding Elks Lodge

Redding Lodge Pin

Today we headed up to Redding Elks Lodge. We crossed the Benicia Bridge, part of the San Francisco Bay Bridge system which are all toll bridges. It was $5 per axle, so motor home plus tow car = 5 axles = $25 to cross.

We made a couple rest stops, and had lunch at Black Bear Café. We started to see Mt Shasta and also Mt Lassen in the distance. Both impressive even at this distance.

The GPS took us into Redding Elks from south through old town Redding, a bit of a pain, we should have followed directions in book from the north. We set up and went in the lodge for a cool drink since it was a HOT day. Lots of friendly Elks in the lounge. We got the lodge pin which represents the area with the Sundial Bridge, the Sacramento River, the Eagle that nests in the trees behind the lodge, Mount Shasta and the Elks.

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