it's off to Central America travel blog

Wish Willis



watch out for falling coconuts

wate station

on the taxi see the water shooting up


pat of my gruop


Belize City


boat driver


on the locl bus





untiled 19

Belmopan the Capital city

untiled 21

our bus









Macal river from the Hawkesworth Bridge




just looking for a farm


a good beer

up at 5:30 out for a walk and some breakfast then back to room to pack my bags as we leave today heading back to the main land by water taxi and on to San Ignacio for the next two nights. Checked out of our hotel at 11:00 and off to taxi station dropped off our bags then got a Cuban coffee while waiting for time to get the water taxi back to Belize City, on the taxi for 45 minute ride, I was seated in the back so got a bit wet, lol then a couple reg taxi's to the bus station, where we got our local bus to San Ignacio, was a old USA school bus most of us got a seat to start with but a few had to stand until a seat opened up. Got into San Ignacio around 4 pm into our hotel then a walk around the town not very big, so it did' take long lol, some time to rest before we headed out as a group for dinner a beer or was it two, then out to check out some on the activity on the street before calling it a night.

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